Versatile Responsive Slider, Scroller and Gallery - Touch Enabled

Responsive Html Slider

XProSlider is responsive, touch/swipe enabled HTML slider. Slider adjust its dimension (height or width) according to screen size. Slider item can be any HTML element such as text, paragraph, image, or video. Options are available and slider look and feel is configurable from stylesheet.


Versatile jQuery Touch Swipe Enabled Responsive HTML Slider

Multipurpose slider packed with features, easy to implement and customize, no third party scripts required (except jQuery), just one script and one stylesheet, easily configured as slider, scroller or gallery.

Smooth 3D accellerated animated layer, bullet & image thumbnails, vertical/horizontal orientation, auto switch orientation on small screen, lazy loading, 15 real world implementation examples, complete navigation control, API, cross browsers and more.



News Scroller, Slider, Image/Video Gallery, Floating Slider


Graphic Accelerated Animation, User Friendly Declarative Effects


Vertical/Horizontal Image & video gallery with Auto Thumbnail Orientation

Video Item

Load and play video video from Youtube or Vimeo or HTML 5 built-in video. Video item can be any size, not necessarily occupy entire slider area. Slider stops during play until video is closed. Moonlight Sonata, enjoy the video...
We don't own this video, just for demo purpose